Социальная ответственность

To Community:
The profit and development of an enterprise depends on the support and understanding of the community. Therefore, as a member of the community, we should give back part of the profit to the community in which company is located in an appropriate way, and use our own funds, manpower, products or services to serve the community provide help. The company actively participates in activities, uses own advantages to support local social welfare undertakings, attracts community personnel to find employment, pays attention to socially disadvantaged groups, and creates a good living environment for the people in the community.

To Employee:
To effectively protect the life safety and health of employees, companies must strengthen the awareness of safe production and safety development, put the life and health of employees at the highest position, increase investment, improve systems, strict responsibilities, and pay close attention to implementation to ensure that there is no shortage or less Safety accidents and occupational diseases; to protect employees’ wages and benefits in accordance with the law, enterprises must earnestly implement the requirements of the state and the government, sign labor contracts in accordance with the law, implement the minimum wage standard, pay wages in full and on time and pay social insurance funds stipulated by the government, Guarantee employees' right to rest and vacation.

To customer:
The most basic responsibility of enterprises to customers-to provide customers with safe and reliable products. Consumers buy products provided by enterprises to meet their material and spiritual needs, and if the products with potential safety hazards, not only will consumers’ needs not be met, but there will also be for the huge price of personal injury and property loss, all these enterprises bear full responsibility. 
The second responsibility of the enterprise to customers-to respect their right to know and free choice, so that users can understand as much as possible about the company’s products and freely choose products under the premise of fair trade.